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Care.com Reviews: These Are What People Had To Say

A lot of our site visitors have been wanting to learn more about Care.com. One of the common questions asked pertain to whether the service can really help them find a sitter who will fit their needs. Some people wonder whether the site is safe while others ask whether Care.com is worth the money.

sittercity vs care.com

Is your search for a sitter proving to be tougher than you thought?

For those of you who are not familiar with Care.com, the company has become one of the largest and fastest growing sitter and care service in the US. The service provides families an online place to find high-quality caregivers, as well as easily connect, share care-giving experiences and get advice from the community of parents on the site. The service helps families find and select the best care possible based on detailed profiles, background checks, and references for hundreds of thousands of mom-reviewed providers who seek to share their services.

Sittercity vs Care.com: Which Is Best? Click To Find Out

In order to answer the commonly asked questions about Care.com, I deemed it best to search sites and forums where people talked about Care.com. In fact, I compiled all the feedback on Care.com on this page (just scroll down). What I found was that most people think and feel that the service is a very valuable solution for helping them find sitters to take care of their kids. Although there were a few people who were not satisfied with the service, the majority of people found Care.com to be money spent wisely since it helped them find sitters in the most efficient and effective way. Most subscribers to Care.com found the available background checks and references to be very beneficial. Most of them would also highly recommend the service to parents and people in search of sitters or childcare for the kids.

Check out all the actual feedback that I have compiled below (after the video) on Care.com. I hope that these would be able to help you decide on whether Care.com is right for you.

Watch the video above to learn more about Care.com

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What People Are Saying About Care.com …

I have used Care.com for the last two summer to find someone. I have had very good luck with it. I typically will ask for a teacher or an education major looking to nanny for the summer. I pay $10/hour with an allowance for gas and activities. I have already found someone for this summer. I had 28 applicants apply, with 15ish that were very qualified. The hard part is always narrowing it down to just a few to interview.
www.frisco-online.com forum
Love care.com. Found a GREAT babysitter there and having the background check already done and the references readily available is nice and convenient!
thebump.com forum
I used care.com for two sitters and both had serious issues. I know others that have used it and found sitters they loved, though. I think it’s just a crapshoot. I’m only using word of mouth from now on. Both of the girls I hired had good references and background checks and still sucked, so I don’t trust it anymore.
babycenter.com forum
i used care.com the day i posted i got over 40 replies – it was insane. i then took down the posting (after 1 week) & started weeding through (getting rid of the ones that obviously hadn’t read my specifications) i whittled my list down to 5 & did in person interviews with 3. only 3 because after i met with #2 i just KNEW i was going to hire her. she was perfect. so i cancelled the other 2 … all in all- Care.com worked out for me.
thenest.com forum
We use care.com but yeah heads up it isn’t free. But it was worth it to us.
babycenter.com forum
I have had good luck with care.com. Go with your gut when you interview is my best advice. And search coupon codes before you pay full price.
babycenter.com forum
I LOVED care.com. We used it find baby sitters/nannies, though and not daycare. I ended up interviewing 12 people and hiring 6. I don’t need child care that often and the girls that I ended up using were all college students, so I wanted to make sure that I had a good pool in case I needed a sitter during finals or spring break or something like that. I would even consider using the other 6 that I didn’t officially “hire.” No one was bad and all of them had background checks and references. LOVED IT!
thebump.com forum

Sittercity vs Care.com: Which Is Best? Click To Find Out

I used care.com though and I contacted 25 to get 1 and she is SUPER amazing worth the effort!
diaperswapper.com forum
I highly suggest care.com! So worth the membership fee to not only find legitimate care givers, but you also can view their back ground check!
I used care.com to find our nannies, and both of them were wonderful. I had tons of responses as well.
constantchatter.com forum
A girl friend of mine has had great success with Care.com. We don’t have family around so I have to depend on sitters…!!
thebump.com forum

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I would try Sittercity or Care.com before you try Craigslist. They are safer. I have never used Sittercity myself, but have used Care.com and have had a really good experience … Care.com’s FB (FaceBook) page always has comments and I see their employees answering questions or concerns if you have any burning questions you need answered. My advice is to look at the babysitters on both sites and then join the site you think has potential sitters/ mother’s helpers for your family.
thebump.com forum
Care.com has local caregivers. There seem to be a lot of ppl on the site and all with different credentials and costs, as well as schedule flexibility.
thebump.com forum
I used Care.com and I just signed up for one month. Seriously, in about a day I had several responses to my ad about needing childcare starting in August. Most everyone I talked to was cool about not starting until then. After weeding through some people that I just didn’t mesh with, I ended up with 3 completely awesome candidates. We picked a primary and kept the other two as backups, and now I have all three of their information, so there is really no need to use the site anymore. The entire process took about two weeks or so, so a month was all I really needed.
thebump.com forum
we recently had to find daycare for off-hours (late evening and saturdays). I joined the care.com and found a caregiver within 2 days. they have listings for part-time givers and how much they charge.
Drank Kool-Aid,
mytotalmoneymakeover.com forum
That being said, I’m freaking out about who will watch LO once he/she is born. I don’t personally know any SAHMs bc I’m the first of my friends to have children. We can’t afford the ridiculous cost of child care. In my area, infant care is $290/week, which is near $1200/month, and we just don’t have it. I’ve looked on care.com, but now it’s getting real that ill have to give my 8 week old baby over to a stranger. We will need care 3-4 days/week.
babycenter.com forum

Sittercity vs Care.com: Which Is Best? Click To Find Out

My friend has gotten both her nannies from care.com. She and her kids love them both. I think as long as you I interview them, do some practice visits and check references you are in good shape.
thebump.com forum
I used Care.com and found a wonderful nanny. I had to start back pt at work when lo was six weeks old. I didn’t leave Lo alone with her for a while, though. I made sure that either my husband or I were around to supervise her. Not that it turned out to be necessary, because she was like the Baby Whisperer. She’s still with us.
babycenter.com forum
I work from home and needed a babysitter to watch my baby while i’m working, I found an great one through care.com in the Chicago area for $10.50 hr, M-F 8 hrs a day, 6 paid holidays, 10 personal/vacation days. we upgraded so I could contact them, I had over 20 applicants and did about 10 phone interviews and only 1 in person(the one we hired) I could just tell over the phone if That person was going to work out or not and if i was going to get along with her.
babycenter.com forum

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I haven’t had good luck with care.com. I ended up asking friends on facebook if they knew anyone and someone recommended her cousin. Let me just say, she is AWESOME! I would ask around for word of mouth recs first before going to the internet.
I second the care.com suggestion, I’ve had friends use it for sitters and were really happy with it.
So I went on care.com, awesome site and just might use it for occasional nights out. But the ones who I would feel comfortable coming in my home want 10-15 dollars per hour. So I asked my boss if I could lose a day, so I wouldn’t have to pay for a 6 hour day when I only work 4 of it. She told me that as crazy as it sounds she found hers on craigslist… I jumped on the site and oh em gee… Some of the ads I found were ridiculous. One said that she has a hard time keeping a job and wants to try babysitting.. Er .. No thank you. I was about to give up and pound my head against a wall, when I found her. She is willing to work with my schedule and it can be hectic with the meetings and classes… I can drop Bug off and Grant can pick Bug up. She has 3 children of her own, 14,10,&3. She watches 2 other children part time, we are meeting her on Friday.
I have using care.com to try and find a part time nanny for my two young kids. I have now made five interview arrangements and four out of the five just never showed up for an interview!! Its so annoying! I have taken two half days from work so that I could interview nannies- Ive had my husband prepare the kids (hes home with them until 2pm everyday) clean up the house and dress the kids. Then these people just never show up!! Its so annoying! Anyone else have experience with this?
I found my nanny through care.com and she is awesome. Unfortunately, she is moving out of state. We just hired a new girl who starts Monday. I hope she is as great as our current one.
I looked at Care.com and there are a few ladies that look like they would fit. Im just not a “people person” at all, so im not sure how a stranger would fit into our home!!
join care.com. google for a coupon code to cut down the costs. i usually get between 20 or more responses when I post a job. There are some really great people out there who will make your life easier. My lady is so sweet. She sends me photos of the kids throughout the day, folds my laundry, makes our bed. Love her. … Set up interviews with multiple people.

Sittercity vs Care.com: Which Is Best? Click To Find Out

We did subscribe to care.com and that’s where these applicants come from. Posted a job and also searched through the list and contacted those with profiles that match our needs. I think it’s mainly the younger kids that are most frustrating. They applied for the job knowing we’re only offering PT hours, etc. the job posting is very clear, I even listed our the guaranteed days and hours by day and week. I’m now only seeking matured grandma-ish individuals as someone else mentioned.
I second Care.com! It’s worth the cost IMO for not having to do all the background checks and be able to see reviews and references.

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girl-about-to-cry Interviewing a Babysitter? Avoid the common pitfalls of babysitter interviewing. Learn to ask potential sitters the right questions with this important, yet FREE Babysitter Interview Checklist.

So what are your thoughts on Care.com? Are you planning to use the service? Are you using or have you used this service before? Were the actual feedback compiled for this article helpful to you? Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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Comments (14)

  1. susie may says:

    I like Care.com because the babysitters have already undergone some kind of background check.

  2. gretchwells says:

    I get more flexibility from Sittercity. Their selection process allows me screen all the applicants carefully.

  3. marshag says:

    Thanks for the feedback. I’m seriously considering Care.com.

  4. Samantha says:

    Sittercity.com much better than care.com. More reliable candidates. My last candidate from Care.com was not properly screened. Actually, I felt unsafe.

  5. Maggie says:

    So far, I have been getting remarkable child care providers from care.com. I’m really happy with it.

  6. Chloe says:

    While the system is not 100% perfect, I really prefer to hire babysitters from care.com. Better to be sure than sorry.

  7. Chelzz says:

    Nowadays, it’s really better to hire a sitter that belongs to a credible network online. Given all the stringent parameters of an online babysitting service provider, we are sure that the sitters have all the best intentions to watch our kids.

    • daniA says:

      That’s a great point. The serious babysitters also want to be protected. It makes perfect sense for them to be part of an online sitter network.

  8. hello says:

    What is great about care.com is that I can actually choose from a long list of experienced babysitters. From that long list, I have a variety of babysitters, young and more matured. I like hiring the more matured babysitters. Aside from their valuable experience and skills, they make sound decisions.

  9. mumsy says:

    It’s great to know that I can find the best care for my kids online. I’m definitely signing up.

  10. Rein says:

    It’s very important to know the background of the babysitter. It’s not worth it to take chances with a complete stranger. That is why I signed up with Care.com. I need to be sure of the babysitter. My kids are priceless and I refuse to leave them with just anybody.

  11. Rockie says:

    I have been hearing a lot of great things about Care.com that I’m actually giving it a try now.

  12. Mrs. Rogers says:

    The right babysitter sounds so ideal. But it is good to know that is actually possible to find the right babysitter from Care.com I’m giving it a try now. Thanks for the leads.

  13. BWS000 says:

    It’s too dangerous to hire just anybody to babysit. Care.com has never failed to help me find babysitters that I can trust.

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